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Bro. Efren Gabrillo on the topic “Correction”

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Efren Gabrillo on "Correction"Our cluster servant, Bro. Efren Gabrillo, spoke on the sensitive topic of “Correction” during our chapter teaching night on May 29, 2014 at the ICC Formation Center, Pasig City. He made us learn and unlearn many notions in giving correction to our peers, members and even those who lead us. During the open forum, several true experiences were shared which enhanced the knowledge of everyone.  The entire session was so interesting that a consensus of having a workshop was hatched to hone the skills of servant-leaders.  Watch out for further announcement on this matter.

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Set My Life on Fire by Lani Mallari (HFL Household Servant)

It seems that with the rainy days fast approaching, we are slowly losing the heat of summer.  Too sad, the same heat, from our burning desires to attend regular household meetings, is also turning cold and weary. Last Friday’s (May 24, 2013) Chapter Assembly aimed to address the issue.

 With the help of our Bro. Jet Revilla, who gave a very inspiring talk about “Setting Our Lives on Fire”, we hoped to rekindle the flame in everyone’s heart.  Group discussions were conducted to unearth hidden problems in relation to loss of vibrancy in prayer meetings resulting in poor attendance and a wavering of commitment.  Surprisingly, everybody was cooperative.  Common sentiments with regard to work schedules, finances and petty excuses, were the main concerns.  We need to make our meetings more exciting, inviting, vibrant and life-giving.  Suggestions were taken and considered: genuine fraternal love, strengthening our support system emotionally and spiritually, regular one-to-one, text and call brigades by HH servants and members, and going back to basics like one-solid-one-liquid provision during fellowship.  These are merely a few of the propositions advanced from the seemingly limitless possible solutions which further prove that everybody is willing to keep the flame burning.

We know that a night of discussion is not enough to solve all our problems.  A committed heart is what we need.  Hand in hand, let us walk the extra mile and focus on the love of our Lord Jesus who will serve as our fuel and oil to set our lives on fire.


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