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Renewing the Family and Defending Life


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By Lani Araneta Torres


A few months back, the ICC Chapter of Pasig decided to conduct a Strategic Christian Life Seminar (CLS). After several meetings and ocular inspections for the venue, our leaders finally set the date, chose the service team and the site of the CLS. They agreed to have it on November 28 and 29 at Betania Retreat House in Tagaytay City. The service team was headed by Jorge and Lani Torres assisted by their household members, namely, Andy and Laura Altea as Assistant Team head, Jojo and Reggie Aquino as Team Servant, and Manny and Cora Pagatpat. The last three couples acted as facilitators, too. Our chapter leaders , Manny & Vangie Estrella, were in charge of the Music Ministry and registration while our unit leaders, Lito & Lyn Abainza were overseers. 

Except for some couples who served as advance party, the rest of the team motored to the venue in the morning of November 28, as the registration opened as early as 7 AM. The program started promptly as planned. We were lucky to have speakers who were much willing to share their time and impart their valuable experience in the community as they discuss the topics with clarity and conviction: Talk 1- God’s Love by Andy Altea, Talk 2- What It Means To Be A Christian by Freddie Nadres, Talk 3- Repentance and Faith by Ansel Beluso, Talk 4 & 5- The Great Commandment by Efren Gabrillo, and Talk 6- Life In the Spirit by Doris Salengua. The mini-talk was rendered by our Chapter Servant, Manny Estrella and was immediately followed by the talk on Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit by our District Servant, Tony Liza. The night concluded with a powerful worship session led by Bro. Tony.

After a hearty breakfast the next morning, Talk 8- Growing in the Spirit was done by Vangie Estrella while the last talk, Transformation in Christ, was given by Gary Guarnes, the Area Coordinator for Eastern Visayas. There were group discussions after each talk and the participants gladly shared their life experiences. The First Sunday of Advent Mass was held in the chapel and was participated with the CFCFFL brethren and nuns and staff of the retreat house. Before parting ways, a sharing session ensued where all participants affirmed God’s wonderful work on them an awakening for many things they previously took for granted. Later, they were grouped and introduced to their respective household heads.

We are happy to announce that this Christian Life Seminar was a success with a modest harvest of 22 individuals. To God be the Glory!




Talk 1 - Andy Altea

Talk 1 – Andy Altea

Talk 2 - Freddie Nadres

Talk 2 – Freddie Nadres

Talk 3 - Ansel Beluso

Talk 3 – Ansel Beluso

Sharer for Talk 3 - Joyce Beluso

Sharer for Talk 3 – Joyce Beluso

Talk 4 & 5 - Efren Gabrillo

Talk 4 & 5 – Efren Gabrillo

Talk 6 - Doris Salengua

Talk 6 – Doris Salengua

Mini-talk - Manny Estrella

Mini-talk – Manny Estrella

Talk 7 - Tony Liza

Talk 7 – Tony Liza

Talk 8 - Vangie Estrella

Talk 8 – Vangie Estrella

Talk 9 - Gary Guarnes

Talk 9 – Gary Guarnes


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IMG_0118 IMG_0124 IMG_0131 IMG_0159 IMG_0165 IMG_0210IMG_0115Betania service team


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Atty. Manny Balgua was the Talk 9 speaker.

Worshipping the Lord!

Tony Lara leads the worship

Manny Estrella (Chapter Servant) addresses the crowd.

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